MONDAY October 10th 2016 It’s Deja Vu All Over Again Yes, I’ve written blogs before. In fact it’s about every three years or so that I start a new one or... at the very least, attempt to. No, blogs are not really the shining, precious, little darling of the internet they once were. Now-a-days, if you’ve got something to say, or rather, if folks want to read what you got to say: it’s Facebook. You write and they, presumably, read a rather lengthy diatribe, perhaps even written from your cell phone with two fat thumbs, and they either ‘like’ or ignore or miss it altogether, given the mysterious algorithm by which Facebook determines what shows up in your feed. Does this disturb me a little? Yes, If I’m being perfectly frank, here. It hints at a certain bottle-necking effect which has been taking place with the internet over the past decade. But I’ll spare you righteous blathering on all of that for another time. The real reason, I believe, I keep coming to this mundane and seemingly outdated practice is because, somewhere, deep down inside, I know this is important: to write every day, regardless of whether or not people care to read... and really, there is no serious incentive here to get you coming back, dear reader, to play in any part in this endeavor… save for the off-chance that you may be able to gleam some form of entertainment or amusement out of this... and if that is indeed the case, then I say ‘good on ya!’ I mean it, I really do. I’m glad I could help. Granted, I’m not doing this for you but I certainly do appreciate the fact that you’re willing to hang in there and stick this thing out... with me. We’re going to be tackling a wide range of topics here, a friendly heads up if you’re looking for anything specific. In the past, I have tried to meticulously categorize all of my blog entries... but that was more or less at my peak... banging out one, sometimes two novels, every year... completely full of piss and vinegar... You find me now, at the tale of post-production on one movie and in the midst of pre-production on another... I’ve got a novel started, though it’s currently riding in the backseat. Shotgun=this pre- production business I’m getting into and I am currently steering with the post-production of my current project (hopefully not right off a cliff) The idea here is if I can just get back in the habit of sitting down, everyday... or every weekday, rather,... and writing... Oh, what I think that might be. Oh, what a thing that might become. Who knows? We might actually become rather close, you and I, dear reader. This could be the beginning of beautiful friendship... and all you got to do... is take a slight detour off of your usual surfing... just tip your toes a little bit down the hall, out the door, and off the reservation. Don’t worry, Facebook and Youtube and Twitter and Instagram... they’ll all be there when you get back... they’re not going anywhere. But you and I? We may just be carving out our own little hideout... out here, in the wild open yonder... I look forward to watching many sunsets with you... maybe whistlin’ a few tunes ‘round the campfire, listening to the coyotes talk when the whole world has gone to slumber...                                            .... Yeah, that’ll be nice.                                            Warm Regards,                                                        Crazy J